Learning to Communicate Expectations

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Along my leadership journey, I have realized I am a thinker. I love pondering. I love dreaming up new ways to do things.

I am not, however, able to efficiently communicate all that I dream up. And in that tension, I face a few problems–specifically, the inability of those around me to read my mind.

Enter the need for today’s thought: Communicate Expectations.

Goals and values only provide motivation when they are communicated to those around me.

Basic standards of behavior only become basic standards when they are communicated.

Success can only be experienced when a picture of success has been presented-a target to aim at.

What does this look like in a youth ministry setting? Set volunteers up to win by letting them know what’s expected.

Equip student leaders by setting forth clear expectations.

Change the existing culture by painting a picture for what could be and what should be.

Communicate what you’re thinking (when it is appropriate) and see the difference it makes.

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One thought on “Learning to Communicate Expectations”

  1. I’ve learned along with that, when you communicate well with your volunteers, they begin to dream with you. They often will see angles you missed & ideas get sweeter & can often be more effective.

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