Mind the Gap

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If you looked at my resume, you would likely notice something strange: in the last 14 years, there’s a gap of about 4 months where I was not on staff at a church either part-time or full-time.

I really believe there are some places that if I were to send my resume and apply for a position, that 4 month gap would raise a few red flags, or cause me to immediately be sifted into the trash pile. But, for me, I look at that gap as the most important part of my work history.

The gap came after a challenging ministry situation intersected with some major life transitions (and personal growth areas). My wife and I felt God calling us to shift gears and change pace for a while, so we did just that.

During the gap, I started farming again, working for my dad. (You can read some of my Lessons from the Farm by clicking here.)

So, here’s the takeaway from my resume gap: I wouldn’t be where I am, or serving with the passion I serve, had it not been for those four months.

In those months (and the bi-vocational years that followed), God solidified a call to ministry in my life.

I had time to step back and evaluate my gifts, my passions, my abilities, and my joy. I rediscovered my passion for helping students and adults grow closer to God. I realized I had drifted away from the things that drove me early on in ministry.

Most importantly, during that gap, I wrestled with my call to ministry, and realized my heart was in serving God vocationally.

So, for me, the gap in my resume represents a time where I was able to come to terms with my own call, with the reality of the challenges of ministry, and with a desire to push through and endure.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without that gap. I am better because of it, and I would like to think people around me are better because of it as well.

What do you look at in your life and say “that was central to my development”?

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