Multiplication by Invitation

Multiplication by Invitation
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Have you ever considered the people around you who yearn for a role? When we enter into a leadership position, we are often faced with a few key decisions:

  • What is our leadership style going to be?
  • How will we relate to those around us?
  • What is our greatest contribution to the organization?
  • How much responsibility are we truly willing to give away?

The past two weeks have presented me with two discussions focusing on something I knew before the discussions: any time I lead worship by myself, I’m missing an opportunity to include a student.

I would consider myself a competent worship leader. It’s not a traveling gig or anything, but something I’m capable of doing. I’ve been playing guitar for more than 20 years, and leading worship has been a significant chunk–my blues guitar career has yet to take off.

I have a group of students in my current ministry who are musical and more than willing. So, the question then moves to: am I willing to include them in the role?

It’s almost always easier to do something on your own, and that’s the trap of a capable leader. Leadership isn’t about showing people what I can do, but about equipping those around us to do what they’re gifted to do.

That’s where the 3 questions serve as a framework. The third question, specifically, pushes us to more. Who can we invite to join us? How can we leverage our influence to provide opportunities and create connections?

As you seek to develop students around you (or adults if you’re not in student ministry), what are you holding onto that needs to be let go? Who do you need to invite to join you? What’s holding you back?

Take a step today to move those around you to action. It’s worth it.

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