Check It Out: The Value of Mission

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My friends over at Horizon Resources have started blogging more and more. Something they posted a few weeks back ties into so much of what I’m trying to communicate here, so I thought today I would share part of it, or you can go ahead and click here to read the whole post.

When I first started the process of developing my personal mission statement, I was a bit cynical. So maybe we have something in common. 

My cynicism peaked when I thought, if having a mission statement is so important, then Jesus must have had one. From there I set out to determine what it was. Here are a few things I learned…

Click here to read the rest, it will be worth your time. And then, spend some time using that framework for developing your own personal mission statement!

Finding Comfort in Principles

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Something I do from time to time is return to principles I’ve picked up along the way. Some of them are from victories, and some of them are from struggles. Today, I thought I’d share a principle I’ve been reminded of recently. I’ve written about it a couple times, here and here.

I’ve included a snippet of the post, but I’d encourage you to take the time to click over and read the whole thing. I hope it helps you process some of the things you’re going through at the moment.

Along your leadership journey you will encounter more and more people. After a period in the same situation, you will start to learn more about individuals-their interests, habits, and character.

Then, one day, the inevitable will happen. Someone will do something to disappoint you. They will drop the ball on a project. They will show up late, again. They will gossip. They will fail to show up at all. Any number of possibilities, and they leave you, the leader, dealing with the fall out.

Before you take it out on them, or if you’re like me, take it out on yourself, ask yourself one thing: is this in line with who I know them to be? Do these actions line up with their past behavior?

Flashback Friday #8

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Some things are worth repeating. Today’s flashback is to a post title Be Careful Who Speaks into Your Life from my original Incoherent Ramblings. Here’s a peak:

While that advice has proven true, and would undoubtedly provide a great subject for a blog post, I have learned over the years we need to be selective about who we let speak into our lives.

Surround yourself with people who never challenge you to grow, or who never see something in you which you cannot see,  and you will never improve.

Surround yourself with people who are incapable of understanding your situation, and the advice they give will never help.

Surround yourself with people who only see negatives and wrongs, and you will begin to see things through their perspective.

Surround yourself with people who have an agenda, and you will simply become a means to an end.

There is another option…

Sometimes, the most damage is done by people who have undue influence on us. Click over and read it to see the bigger picture.

Flashback Friday #7

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Have you ever intended to have a conversation, but just couldn’t find the right time? What if the “right time” is actually the wrong time to look for?

In today’s flashback, I talk about the difference between the “right time” and the “necessary time”. And it’s a principle I return to all the time.

Take the time today to click over and read the post “Don’t Hide from Hard Conversations.” I think it will be encouraging and challenging.

Flashback Friday #6

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Some of my favorite lessons in leadership come from on the job experience and evaluation. A few years ago, while on a trip, I waged a battle in my head, and wrote about my learning from it. Today, we are stepping back to that lesson. Here’s a glimpse:

Our trip is one we have developed, so I wrote out my own schedule. Because I’m the only person who knows the schedule, I’m the only one who knows when we need to leave or stay, or what comes next.

This is okay, as long as I am okay with no one sticking to my schedule. And how could they know the schedule, if I haven’t shown them?

Click here to check out the post Communicate Expectations.

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