This Might Be the Best Hidden Gem I’ve Found

Yesterday I stumbled onto a podcast interview with Doug Franklin, founder of, and it was solid gold.

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TLDR; Click here for a phenomenal interview on student ministry.

A few years ago I remember having a conversation with a friend who was a faithful reader of this blog. She constantly affirmed me when I needed it, but she was also honest (which was even better). I’m chuckling to myself this morning remembering one comment she made.

“Yeah, when you do your podcast week, I kind of just check out.”

And that was the end of my annual podcast week. Probably for good reason.

But today is an exception. Yesterday I stumbled onto a podcast interview with Doug Franklin, founder of, and it was solid gold.

I’m not going to wax eloquently about it, but if you’re in student ministry, take the time to listen to it. As a 19 year ministry veteran, I found myself consistently nodding my head in agreement, amazed at the insight Doug brought to the discussion.

If you’re not in student ministry, but are invested in the health of student ministers you know, Doug provides some incredible insight for you as well!

Enough talking. Here’s the link to the Total Ministry Makeover podcast Bonus episode with Doug Franklin.

Well, This is a First

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A few months back a friend of mine started a podcast called “2 Dads 1 Mind“. They are now in their second season, and as part of their 2nd season, they chose to interview different people. Today, they scraped the bottom of the barrel and are airing an interview they did with me.

I’m joking. I was very honored they asked me to join them, and I had so much fun sharing my heart for leadership and parenting with them.

I’ve embedded the podcast below, but let me encourage you to go check them out (& subscribe) on your podcast player (Apple, Spotify, Google, etc), or click here to see their show page. I really enjoy their format, and their chemistry together is solid.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

Podcast Week: Quick Hits

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Okay, to finish up podcast week, here’s a special Friday post!

These podcasts vary in topic and style, so I thought they would fit together as misfits:

  1. The Tony Kornheiser Show – This is not just a “when I have time” podcasts. This is my go to listen away from Ministry and Business. I very rarely fall behind on this one, and it’s a great way to unplug from the day.
  2. EntreLeadership – I like the business side of this podcast, but it’s not in my regular rotation. I do, however, give it a listen when I’m caught up or just looking for a shift.
  3. Worship Artistry – While the topics may be hit or miss, when I listen to this podcast I feel like the hosts genuinely care for my development as a musician. It’s easily my favorite guitar-ish podcast at the moment.
  4. Revisionist History – A few months back I had a whirlwind trip coming up and wanted a break. I rediscovered this podcast, and it was delightful. It kept me engaged and was fascinating at the same time.
  5. Serial – The first season of this is absolutely remarkable. It’s a definite shift from the majority of what I listen to, but if you’re new to podcasts, definitely check this out.

Finally, let me finish podcast week with this: Audiobooks are awesome. Between Audible and our local library, I’m loving audiobooks. In fact, if you click below (full disclosure–it’s an affiliate link), you can give Audible a try. Check it out and let me know!


Thanks for sticking with me this week! Happy Listening!

Podcast Week: Entrepreneurship

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I’m continuing my posts sharing some of the podcasts to which I dedicate my listening. Today, I’m going to go in a little different direction and talk about a genre I hadn’t explored significantly until the past few months: entrepreneurship, specifically online business.

I know this may sound strange for a Youth Pastor in West Texas, but I actually find myself regularly being challenged by the content and ideas being presented, plus I’m a blogger, so there’s that.

  1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – Pat Flynn is probably the best of the ones I listen to. Because of the nature of his expertise and mine, the overlap is sometimes spotty, but he delivers solid content and does a great job with the interview, so I’m generally fully engaged for the duration.
  2. The Soloproneuer Hour with Michael O’Neill – Michael O’Neill was my first toe in the water with this genre, so I forgive a lot of things that would drive me crazy (he’s a shameless self-promoter, which I am not). He provides good content most of the time, but he’s not a must listen in my book.
  3. Online Marketing Makeover with Amy Porterfield – Her delivery is unique. I’m not sure that she doesn’t manuscript and then read her manuscript when she’s not interviewing. As a result, I listen to her at 1.5x speed, if not 2x. In a recent episode I stumbled across a reference she made that sparked some curiosity, so I went back in her archives and found a gem, episode 149 I believe.
  4. Storybrand with Donald Miller – As with most podcasts, when you listen for a while (50+ episodes), you’re with the hosts for a rebranding. The Storybrand podcast has gone through a couple, and I’m still on the fence about the new direction. But, the early episodes are pure gold. Give them a listen!

There you go. 4 Podcasts dealing with business and entrepreneurship. I’ll be back tomorrow with a special post talking about my favorites and must listens.

Happy Listening!

Podcast Week: Church Leadership

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Confession time: I admire people who are avid readers. One of my goals this year was to read more books, but it has been a battle (one which I am certain will get blogged about before the end of the year).

But what I lack in reading, I make up for in Podcasts. There are weeks where I will listen to close to 20 hours of podcasts (and audio books are slowly creeping their way into my rotation).

Last year I wrote a few blogs I called Podcast Week. (Click here here and here to read them.) This year, I am going to do something similar, just topical.

So, today, here are my top four church leadership podcasts, all linked to iTunes:

  1. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast: These are long form interviews, usually lasting over an hour, but can be quite fascinating. For a season, this was my running podcast because I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with intros and outros during my run. The bottom line is I usually grow as a leader because of the time investment I’ve made listening to CNLP. My recent favorites are episodes 218 (Francis Chan) and 212 (Erwin McManus).
  2. The Unstuck Church Podcast with Tony Morgan: I can’t remember how I stumbled across this podcast, but I am so glad that I did. These, unlike Carey Nieuwhof, are quick hit podcasts, usually between 15 and 20 minutes. The content is fascinating, and this has become one podcast that I feel the urge to binge listen to every episode. My recent favorites are episode 55 (Thom Rainer) and episode 60 (Andy Stanley).
  3. 5 Leadership Questions Podcast: This is my mowing podcast. The chemistry on the show is pretty solid, and they do a good job covering a range of topics I would not normally explore on my own.
  4. Youth Ministry Booster: I’m going to be honest here: I have a difficult time with youth ministry podcasts. Most of them can’t hold my attention, mostly because I feel they are way too insider (one group takes around 20 minutes to get to their content), but YMB has my attention. When I want a word on youth ministry, I turn to these guys, and I’m rarely disappointed.

That’s it for today. Happy listening!

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