Podcast Week: Entrepreneurship

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I’m continuing my posts sharing some of the podcasts to which I dedicate my listening. Today, I’m going to go in a little different direction and talk about a genre I hadn’t explored significantly until the past few months: entrepreneurship, specifically online business.

I know this may sound strange for a Youth Pastor in West Texas, but I actually find myself regularly being challenged by the content and ideas being presented, plus I’m a blogger, so there’s that.

  1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – Pat Flynn is probably the best of the ones I listen to. Because of the nature of his expertise and mine, the overlap is sometimes spotty, but he delivers solid content and does a great job with the interview, so I’m generally fully engaged for the duration.
  2. The Soloproneuer Hour with Michael O’Neill – Michael O’Neill was my first toe in the water with this genre, so I forgive a lot of things that would drive me crazy (he’s a shameless self-promoter, which I am not). He provides good content most of the time, but he’s not a must listen in my book.
  3. Online Marketing Makeover with Amy Porterfield – Her delivery is unique. I’m not sure that she doesn’t manuscript and then read her manuscript when she’s not interviewing. As a result, I listen to her at 1.5x speed, if not 2x. In a recent episode I stumbled across a reference she made that sparked some curiosity, so I went back in her archives and found a gem, episode 149 I believe.
  4. Storybrand with Donald Miller – As with most podcasts, when you listen for a while (50+ episodes), you’re with the hosts for a rebranding. The Storybrand podcast has gone through a couple, and I’m still on the fence about the new direction. But, the early episodes are pure gold. Give them a listen!

There you go. 4 Podcasts dealing with business and entrepreneurship. I’ll be back tomorrow with a special post talking about my favorites and must listens.

Happy Listening!

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