Enthusiastic Willingness

Enthusiastic willingness
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I find myself in a consistent battle. I try not to rock the boat most of the time, so I scrutinize my actions very regularly. I don’t like to make big movements because I prefer to go unnoticed when possible. Now, this isn’t always possible, and I’m completely willing and able to step up when the need arises.

One major downside to my approach is I tend to hold my emotions in, especially excitement.

So, recently, I heard a statement that got me thinking about myself and about leadership implications. In a conversation about a group of people stepping up to meet a need, someone said “Most of them seem to be enthusiastic, and if not enthusiastic, at least willing.”

Immediately, I had two thoughts. First, I am almost always willing. If someone asks me to do something, I actually have a difficult time saying no, so I usually say yes. I’m willing to do what I can. I fancy myself a jack of all trades, so if I’m able to help, I try to make a point to do so.

Second, I paused for a moment to consider if I’m ever enthusiastic about things that I do. Again, this is a shortcoming of mine. I tend to try to keep a steady level, so I’m not a great “hype” guy. Now, I will admit there are things I do that get me excited, and I prepare as if I’m excited.

But do I ever show enthusiasm? Not manufactured enthusiasm, but real and genuine enthusiasm?

Let’s take this one step further. Would you rather follow a leader who is willing, or who is enthusiastic? The answer is easy, right? Enthusiasm brings energy. Enthusiasm brings excitement. Enthusiasm makes a difference.

What about you? How are you at showing enthusiasm? Not a showy enthusiasm, but do you let your genuine excitement motivate those around you to make a difference?

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