Time for Evaluation

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On Sunday I was asked if I’m more or less busy with all the changes. The question came from genuine curiosity, and sparked introspection.

In all honesty, my schedule is a little more wide open. I have evenings free, for the most part. No practices, no games, no track meets, no meetings. I come home from work and I’m home.

But my schedule at work is different. Normally, I rely on routine. I have on my desk a generic week with one or two goals I know I need to accomplish each day of the week. That routine has gone away.

I had a routine as far as where I went, and when. That’s gone away.

I had a plan as to what I would aim to have accomplished each day. That’s gone away.

Instead, I find myself being tossed to and fro as though I’m on a boat moving through rough waters. My routine brought security and stability, and the upsetting of my routine brings the opposite.

So how did I respond on Sunday when asked? I feel like I’m working harder, but not nearly as efficiently.

And that’s where evaluation steps in.

Turmoil and the upset of a routine provides an uneasy momentary experience, but evaluation helps move toward a return to stability. How can I be more effective with my time? How can I break my week back into manageable pieces? What new goals do I need to set? What new opportunities do I need to push aside in order to make the most of what I have now?

My question is the same for you today. Whatever your role, I feel confident to say you are experiencing a similar turmoil. So have you taken time to slow down, evaluate your efforts and efficiency, and adapt? Spend some time today evaluating, and take some steps forward.

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