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Anniversaries are interesting. It’s been a year since my grandfather passed away. I’ve found myself reflecting a lot on the past year, on his legacy, and on how my life is impacted by his legacy.

Legacies are a funny thing. As much as we may not think about it, our legacies aren’t solely written after we pass away (or leave). Our legacies are the continuation of the story we live each day. That means you and I are writing our legacies today.

What legacy are you writing today?

Last year I wrote a reflection on the passing of my grandfather. You can read a snippet below, or go ahead and click here to read the whole thing.

And there stood my granddad. The conductor. The orchestrator of it all. It never occurred to me that my granddad loved to play with trains. They were just there. He was the one in charge. But he was the one who loved to share the experience with me. It was a shared experience for us. It was one of the first things I showed my oldest the first time we visited his house. And something my girls still know about him.

Go here for the rest.


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